One-Way Disc Pullers

Our one-way disc pullers of which the direction angle is adjustable commenced in 2000, and it is our production that was achieved through R&D.
The most important feature of our production is the possibility of adjusting the soil working depth in different types of soil. This adjustment is possible with the Angle adjustment developed by our company.
Therefore, our said production is under protection by TURKISH PATENT INSTITUTE through USEFUL MODEL CERTIFICATE numbered TR 2000 02035 Y. Our Company Is The Sole Producer Of It With This Type.

Basic components of the one-way disc puller - angle adjusted are given. According to picture ;

1-Hydraulic Upper Mounting Arm
2-Hydraulic Bottom Mounting Arm
3-Angle Adjustment Axis Bolt
4-Angle Adjustment Fixing Bolt
5-Lifting Chassis
6-Assembly Chassis
7-Disc Unit
8-Main Bearings
10-Intermediate Bearings
11-Disc Unit Holding Bolt
12-Disc Unit Bottom Holding Bolt
13-Disc Unit Upper Holding Bolt
14-Mud Scaper
15-Front Wheel
16-Front Wheel Jack
17-Back Wheel
18-Back Wheel Angle Adjustment Bolt
19-Front Wheel Fastening Screw
20-Mud Scaper Fastening Screw