Our planter production that commenced with tobacco planter in 1982 has been continuing with approximately 21 years of experience. Our firm that is the first in its field and also holding the 60% of the market is also the initiator of having the Turkish farmer adopted the machine usage and developing models. Besides tobacco planter, our firm has also developed planters usable in transfer of vegetables like tomato, pepper, celeriac, onion, and leek from seedbed to field, i.e. seeding. Besides home sales, our company has made progress targeting the Bulgarian and the Indian markets, notably Greece, and it thus has been implementing R&D studies to define needs in these countries. Our firm is hospitable to demands to this effect.

Components of the planter in picture

1-Hydraulic Upper Mounting Arm
2-Hyraulic Bottom Mounting Arm
3-Back Unit Suspender Chain
5-Furrowing Adjustment Scwes
6-Chassis Wheel
7-Chassis Wheel Adjustment Screws
8-Beam Wheels
9-Back Units
10-Beam Wheel Adjustment Screw
12-Fog Adjustmnet Screw
15-Distributing Pipe
16-Pipe Collar
18-High Chair
20-Claw Wheel
21-Clawless Wheel
22-T.O.S. Tie
23-Chain Coupling End
24-Chain Tightening Screw
25-Chain Tightening Ring
26-Chain Tightening Hook
28-Sapling Place
29-Sapling Holder And Carrier
30-Water Distribution System