This system prolongs the burning proces and ensure maximum use of available fuel. Technically, it is using the chimney exhaust gas heat and minimizing it. This, in the main burning furnace by extending burning time, and moving it to the rear burning furnace and continuing it to the lower flame pipe baca through the main pipe to transit with and then to the top flame pipe and finally to the exit. This path the heat follows is similar to a labyrinth, this maximising the amount of heat generated at the lowest possible fuel use.

1- Lower water depo
2- Burning furnace oxygen intace section
3- Rear burning furnace grill
4- Front burning furnace grill
5- Front burning furnace
6- Main burning furnace
7- Main burning furnace interior grill
8- Rear burning furnace interior grill
9- Rear burning furnace
10- Front burning furnace interior grill
11- Water container front grill
12- Water container rear grill
13- Water container general grill
14- Chimmney
15- Cleaning lid
16- Lower flame pipes
17- Burning quarters
18- Oxygen intake fan insert
19- Fuel loading zone
20- Mounting adjustments
21- Upper flame pipes
22- Maintenence hatch lock mechanism


After 5 years of AR-GE results and in unison with the Turkish Patent Institute, we GUARANTEE our products are using the latest and most advanced systems. (FMB NO: TR 2003 01949 Y)