This product eases the coal burning process by intaking ample amounts of oxygen - thus reducing emmisions into the atmosphere. Up to 90% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions can be seen. This, you save on fuel costs and benefit the environment.


This product has an automatic waste disposal system. It can automatically dispose of all ashes left behind by the burning process and fill them into bags. This patent protected system is the first of its kind and provides unrivalled ease of use to the operator.

AUTOMATIC FUEL INTACE (This system is optional on sylindrical furnaces.)

This product eliminates irregular and undesired burning temperatures caused by manual loading by utilizing a fully automatic fuel intake system. So, by adjusting the settings, the operator can control temperature and thus prevent fuel waste, providing further ease of use and piece of mind.

Waste System - Grinder - Scure Door
Hot Water Pipe - Motor


Common problems of overburning, not guaging the chemical situatins and many other guesswork involved are eliminated by our thermostat panel, available on all our furnaces. The first panel is for temperature and fuel controls, while the other is a guage displaying vital safety information.


This product has full automatic features - oxygen intake, Fuel loading and waste discarding systems, providing the utmost in comfort and ease of use. Simply put, it is able to automatically intake fuel, adjust to the desired temperature, and discard its waste without human intervention.


A1: Net Depth
A2: Needed space in front
A : Recommended depth
B1: Net width
B2: Width needed for depo
B : Recommended width
C : Net height


After 5 years of AR-GE results and in unison with the Turkish Patent Institute, we GUARANTEE our products are using the
latest and most advanced systems.
(FMB NO: TR 2003 01949 Y)